Terms and conditions

  • Gcabs will only visit tourist destinations which have been mentioned in their website http://gcabs.co.in/
  • Gcabs will not pay for the entrance fee of tourist attractions, parking charges and toll charges. All these will be paid by the guest.
  • Gcabs acknowledge that all their vehicles have corect insurance papers, commercial licence.
  • Gcabs do not suggest any hotel (accommodation place), shopping showrooms or food joints to any guests. All these are upto the guest to choose and Gcabs will just drop them on these destinations. Hence any mis-communication, fraud done by these 2nd party establishments is between them and the guest. We (Gcabs) are not responsible for this.
  • Gcabs confirms that any communication details of the guests like phone no, email, id proof will not be shared with any private enterprise. It can only be given to the government if they are asked on the reason of public safety only.